Living our values

Posted on 12th May 2020 in

We recently came together as a management team and discussed the importance of our values to the decisions that we make each day.

We hope you agree that our values are important as they guide the principles of how we support the people in our homes and treat our colleagues each day. We like a good quote at The Bridge and I think this ones captures it nicely, “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are”. I don’t think we could put it better ourselves!

Please take time to read our values and reflect on what they might mean to you…

Our values

  • Change perceptions. See the world through the eyes of the people we support and mould the world around them
  • Take a different outlook. Use our wealth of experience and knowledge to look at unique situations differently
  • Be nice, kind, patient, resourceful, open minded, resilient and forgiving
  • Understand why situations occur. We take an evidence-based approach to why behaviour occurs and how to respond appropriately
  • Everyone’s opinion matters. We value every individual as part of the team and they are key to the success of the people we support

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