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Posted on 18th May 2020 in

With the timely reminder of Mental Health Awareness Week recently, we wanted to mark the occasion by telling you what the team at The Bridge is doing to support positive mental health.

Around 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem this year. Yet the silence of not discussing this can be just as bad. We believe that by adopting a supportive approach to your mental health, we can make a difference. So what are we doing about this?

Management training

Managers, Deputies and Seniors have completed training to understand the signs of those experiencing mental health difficulties. We hope to identify and listen to our colleagues concerns and help them access help when they need it.

Wellness Plans

We can complete a Wellness Action Plan with colleagues to agree how we can support them at work during difficult moments. We also have a wellbeing toolkit to signpost a variety of ways to manage and improve mental health.

Wellbeing at work

We provide water coolers at work and fresh fruit and snacks to help colleagues feel healthy and hydrated whilst at work with us!

Colleagues feedback…

We are looking at other ways we can help by asking all those at The Bridge to complete an anonymous survey to have their say. This includes the potential for launching a digital mental health support platform!

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