To make a real difference, you may need a fresh approach or setting

We provide truly specialist and bespoke outcome-based support for uniquely complex and challenging individuals. This is underpinned by our approach. We take a fresh perspective to reinvigorate an individuals’ support, helping them to reach and exceed their goals.

  1. 1 Initial assessment We start with a thorough evidence-based assessment by our experienced behavioural specialist team.
  2. 2 Support network By closely involving family, care management, MDT and natural supports we create a robust support network.
  3. 3 Environmental assessment We conduct a full environmental assessment to develop a personalised environment.
  4. 4 Personalisation We develop bespoke support around the person’s needs, dreams, goals and aspirations.
  5. 5 Core staff support The support system is engrained in the team that deliver the support, enabling real continuity, day in, day out.
  6. 6 Detailed preparation Support plans and risk assessments are put in place before placement’s start and continuously updated to remain effective.
  7. 7 Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) PBS is intrinsic to every part of the service, allowing it to be moulded to suit each person we support.
  8. 8 Deep understanding We work through a functional understanding of behaviours to develop a safe and stable environment, and exceed personal expectations.
  9. 9 Eye on the detail We ensure that needs are not being missed, through daily observations, regular meetings and reviewing the way people present.
  10. 10 Engaging lives We use active support to increase communication, personal independence and community integration.
  11. 11 A lighter touch PBS is intrinsic to every part of the service and is moulded to suit each person we support.

What makes The Bridge different?

Our approach makes a real difference to people with uniquely complex support needs:

“The Bridge’s problem-solving skills and drive to ensure individuals are not limited by their environment, staff or facilities is second to none.”

Our Support

We understand that everyone is unique and that support should reflect that individuality.

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