The right support in the right environment

Challenging behaviour can occur for a number of reasons. Often as a response from someone who is unable to make themselves understood in any other way.

This can be due to unique communication difficulties associated with developmental differences, a learning disability or mental illness. It could also be physical or emotional pain, confusion, sensory experience, or any other unique experience. It can be exacerbated or even triggered by an unsuitable, over or under stimulating environment or a lack of understanding from support staff.

We understand that everyone is unique. As such we design homes around individual needs and fully involve the person and others in their support network to strike the right balance.

There is no limit to the adjustments we will make to an environment to ensure it best meets the needs of the individual who is living there. If the environment makes sense to that person and speaks to how they see the world, we often find that person is happier and more settled in themselves and how they live their life.

Not receiving the right support can also lead to people developing further challenging behaviour. That’s why getting the right support in the right environment is vital to reducing challenging behaviour and ensuring a better quality of life.

“The Bridge’s problem-solving skills and drive to ensure individuals are not limited by their environment, staff or facilities is second to none.”

Who We Support

We provide community registered homes for people who require comprehensive support plans.

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Our team live our values to ensure that everyone we support reaches their full potential.

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