Who We Support

We provide community registered homes for people who require comprehensive support plans and have struggled to settle in alternative forms of accommodation due to their complex needs and behaviours that challenge.

It is anticipated that in many cases existing legal frameworks may exist around an individual or be required in order to deliver ongoing care within The Bridge.

We deliver person-centred, outcome-based support. This will be focused to meet the requirements of those with the needs below:

  1. 1 Individuals who have been deemed as difficult to place in alternative settings, or are looking to step down from a hospital setting.
  2. 2 People with autism with associated complex needs and behaviours that are perceived to challenge services.
  3. 3 Individuals with a learning disability and forensic histories who potentially pose a significant risk to themselves and others.
  4. 4 Older children with learning disabilities and/or autism coming through transition services to adult services (16+) who require higher levels of support.

“It was so lovely spending time with X again… he went into hyper signing mode! He looks so happy and well.  It was fab to see him on the interactive game riding the waves!”

Our Support

We understand that everyone is unique and that support should reflect that individuality.

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